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It takes island kindness...

We're humbled by the help and support that we've received from our island lobstermen.
Years ago, sitting around the fire pit with friends, we thought about how great it would be to have a drive-up lobster shack. We laughed about it at the time, but not more than 6 months later, Hank Whetham offered to sell us his retired lobster tank. If it was as easy as buying a tank and hanging a sign, we wouldn't be serving you lobster today. These generous lobstermen not only provide us with fresh lobster, but with all the required know-how to keep our lobster happy. We're humbled and grateful for their generosity and knowledge.

People + Lobster

This project was born out of desire to connect people with lobster. Thaddeus, Alex, and Savannah will be handling your orders this summer. They've been trained for this, but in the studio you'll find an adult to help with any special requests. Our sincere hope is to bridge hardworking lobstermen with hungry, lobster-loving stomachs. Please don't hesitate to call us as we learn the ropes and respond to your lobster dinner needs.

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